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Friends Squad Women's Sports Club

Dr. Poonam Oberoi


Cheena Rawal




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Sangeeta Singh

General Secretary of Maharashtra


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Kajal Gadhiya

Treasurer & P R O



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Dipika Naygaovkar

Head Coach

11th June 2023
Women's Cricket Tournament

Achievements and Awards

Cricket, an outdoor game that has its history dating back to the 14th century, is one of the most popular games in the world. Various countries have set out revenues just for the game making it one of the best games to get rewards as well.

Cricket is a very popular game and is played at both national and international levels. This game originated in England. Cricket was introduced to the Indians by the British in the early 1700s. This game rules in everyone’s heart in India and so it can be called the “king of the games”. Millions of fans watch this game, and there is an air of excitement everywhere.

Considering All the facts, Founder Dr.Poonam Oberoi with Sangeeta Singh and Team have come up with "FRIENDS SQUAD Women's Sports Club". We wanted to give opportunity to all the women's who wants to prove themselves and grow or make career with Sports Field. Click on the Link below to register yourself for yourself.

Why Should Women’s Play Sports?

According to the Women Fitness Champs across GLOBE, girls and women who play sports have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem, and they report higher states of psychological well-being and lower levels of depression than non-athletes. They also have a more positive body image than girls and women who do not play sports.

Everyone agrees that physical activity and fitness are critical for self-development. Girls and Women can benefit greatly from taking a break to go out and play a sport and burn off some of their excess energy. Regularly taking part in sports and other physical activities has been shown to help in many ways, including physically, mentally, and socially. All these things add to a more complete and satisfying adulthood.

Women on edge to enter the sports club believes that their time and energy will be better spent on sports activity.

. After reading this, you’ll have no choice but to JOIN US at Friends Squad Women's Sport Club.

National Champs in Sports
10  Main Holistic Benefits of Sports
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1. Helps to Develop Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Numerous studies have shown that who participate in sports tend to have higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem than their peers who don’t. Having a teammate clap them on the back, give them a high-five, or shake their hand after a game may do wonders for  self-esteem. Encouragement and compliments from the coach and teammates do wonders for a player’s sense of self-worth.

2. Helps to Control Emotions

You all know that sports are a great way to express feelings, whether you’re a mere spectator or actively participating. Young athletes may need help from a coach with a lot of experience and a career in fitness to learn how to deal with their bad feelings and improve their performance. When taught, these skills will help them deal with the many problems they will face in life.

3. Helps to Develop Discipline

The mind, body, and tactic disciplines are essential in every sport. When a person participates in sports, they learn the value of self-control, teamwork, and discipline through the need to follow the rules and listen to their coaches. Discipline is a characteristic of all successful people since it helps them maximise their potential and accomplish their objectives.

4. Helps to Develop Social Skills

Players who play sports learn how to interact with peers, coaches, officials, and teammates of all ages and levels of skill. In addition, they get to meet new people and build a sense of community. These skills with words and getting along with others will help them personally and professionally.

5. Helps in Developing Patience

To excel at any endeavour, regular practice is essential. “Practice makes perfect,” as the saying goes, but you can probably guess what’s required for that practice and perfection. Through athletics, people can learn perseverance and patience.

6. Helps in Developing Perseverance

Sports require a similar level of dedication and persistence as a regular practice. In both training and competition, players experience both highs and lows. Player develop resilience by learning to push through adversity and continue. Athletes who learn to be resilient are better prepared to deal with stress and difficulties.

7. Helps to Admit Defeat

In reality, it’s impossible to come out on top every time. Playing sports is a great way to instil this value in people. As a result, people develop a healthy perspective on losing and disappointment. Doing so gives them the confidence to try again and not let setbacks discourage them. Also, they learn the value of friendly rivalry through this experience.

8. Helps to Work as a Team

Players learn the importance of working together and playing to the abilities of their teammates. They learn to put the needs of others ahead of their own and to keep their sense of self-importance in check. When Player learn on how important it is to work as a team, they are better prepared to be successful members of society and the workforce.

9. Helps to Bring Competence in Leadership

When a Player is captains or want to be captains, they learn important lessons about communication, teamwork, sacrifice, and being a leader. They take those leadership abilities off the field or court and use them to become the kind of people others look up to.

10. Helps to Develop the Habit of Constant Practices

Sports in Club encourage healthy lifestyle habits, including eating well and regular exercise. Moreover, it teaches to value physical activity in a way that will serve them well into adulthood, warding off any potential health issues.

Other Benefits

Positive Effects on Physiology

• Decrease the risk of becoming overweight

 • Improves lung capacity

 • Decreases blood sugar levels

 • Controls hypertension

 • Increases vitality

 • Increases balance and coordination

 • Benefits in warding against cancer

 • Increases the quality of sleep

 • Facilitates relaxation of overworked muscles

 • Induces a state of contentment

Aids to Improve Performance

• Success in the Academics

• Help find the inner passion

• Helps to stay on the right track

Our Association are Affiliated With

AIFA Foundation

KAMAT Foundation

Association for National Sports

Pecific Games Federation

General Assembly of Maharashtra Sports Federation


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